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Nocona Church of Christ

Click on their name to contact or learn a little more about them:

Steering Team:
Darci Woodyard - Coordinator
Suzanne Storey - Finance
Catherine Woodbury - Hospitality 
Lesa Brown - Creative Activities
Sherry Brown - Discussion Groups

Trish Winkler - Publicity


Leslie Keck 
Nell Ann McBroom


Are you wondering how you could get involved in leadership? Get Growing is this year's theme for MOPS. We are being encouraged to get growing as individuals and as leaders. All it takes to be a leader is vision and commitment.

Publicity helps in writing monthly newsletter articles, getting ads or donations, marketing for MOPS at community events

Creative Activities helps in finding (and purchasing) craft ideas or life skills for moms to complete during monthly meetings

Discussion Groups leads small group discussions at monthly meetings, oversees needs and happenings within small groups

Finance helps in planning a budget, planning and organizing fundraisers

Hospitality plans and organizes decorations and menu for monthly meetings; arranges gifts for special events

If you would like to be involved with any of these teams, please contact Darci at 825-5451, or speak with a member of the steering team. You do not need to be a member of the Church of Christ to have a leadership role in MOPS.




MOPS Mentors:

We are so blessed to have three wonderful ladies serving as our mentor moms. The role of the mentor is to use her own experiences as a mother through the years to advise the less experienced mothers. Our mentors realize that raising preschoolers is a very demanding and delicate job.

Each of these ladies is very approachable and realizes that what we might discuss with them is strictly confidential. They are committed to us physically: they may hold our babies for us during the meetings, listen to our problems or concerns, or offer a shoulder to cry on. But, most importantly, they are committed to us spiritually, offering up prayers in our behalf, especially when specifically asked.

Please get to know these special women: they are truly God sent!

Glenda Gee
Lisa Paschall
Gayle Storey
Kay Alexander

Linda Eldred



MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)® is a chapter of MOPS International® and is chartered locally by Nocona Church of Christ, 300 Cooke Street
Nocona, Texas 76255 - 940-825-3136 -

Nocona MOPS Website is maintained by the Nocona MOPS Publicity Committee, please email MOPS if you have any suggestions or comments.