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Darci Woodyard, Coordinator

Darci is married to Jason and has two children, Jalee (3 ˝) and Jaden (2).  She works part-time as the Director of Speech Therapy at Bowie Memorial. 

Darci enjoys volleyball, running, playing with outside with the kids.  She enjoys reading Runner’s World, her favorite magazine.  Her latest favorite “mommy moment” was taking Jalee to DQ to reward her with ice cream after her fist day at preschool.  “Sitting with her listening to all the details of her very exciting day--I just wanted to freeze that moment and hang on to it forever!  It was so precious!” 

Darci says that God brought her to MOPS, He called her heart to begin the MOPS group and equipped her with courage to meet a bunch of new friends!  Her favorite scripture is Phil. 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Darci has several goals for this MOPS year, “My primary goal is to equip others to become leaders for MOPS, their churches, and in the community.  And of course to reach as many moms and their preschoolers as we can.”

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