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Suzanne Storey, Finance

Suzanne is mother to Abby Gayle (5). Suzanne works full time at Wisdom Publishing in downtown Nocona. She is the Executive Director of Finances and Procurement for Leadership Training within the Advance Leadership Corporation. She also develops and maintains many websites for various Nocona organizations. She is a board member of the NEDC, and Nocona Athletic Goods.

Suzanne enjoys steak and gourmet cheeses, reading and audio books. Her "other" job is selling Tupperware which she says is more of a fun hobby than a job! 

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Abby Gayle

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)® is a chapter of MOPS International® and is chartered locally by Nocona Church of Christ, 300 Cooke Street
Nocona, Texas 76255 - 940-825-3136 -

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