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Coordinators Corner by Darci Woodyard

Wow!  What a great job everyone did for our first attempt at not one, but two, fundraisers!  Thank you to everyone who sold raffle tickets, baked goodies, and helped out at the dessert booth.  Hopefully we have started a “MOPS tradition” already and the fearless firemen will let us do it again next year! (Of course, we couldn’t have done it without the help of our “waiters” and “waitresses”—Zack Williams, Sadye Cox, Erin Linn, and Reba. It was so much fun to see everyone come together for something so simple.  We have such neat moms and I’m so glad you are sharing yourself with us and getting MOPS out in the community!

Now, our next event is the real kicker…we need to give back to our firemen who so graciously allowed us to piggy-back their annual fundraiser.  Please make sure you sign up for a night that your group can help those clumsy wrappers—they really need us!

I am extremely excited about our upcoming meeting—our Christmas party next Monday night.  We will start at 6:00 and conclude at 8:00, as planned.  There will be no craft due to the ornament exchange.  (Don’t forget to bring your wrapped ornament.)  The Mimosas are providing the goodies and we are having a surprise speaker!    It would be great to bring a visitor to this event—be sure to check with Nell Ann if your visitor intends to bring her child, and be prepared to introduce her.  Remember they get one free visit to check us out first.  Our area council coordinator will also be joining us.  She has been very pleased with our charter group and wanted to come meet us all!

What’s new in our group?  We are just thrilled to have our Kelli back with little Shelby!  And, Hailey had a great report from her doctor that there is no cancer in her body.  So many of you have kept these moms in your prayers, which I feel has made the difference.  Keep Lesa’s husband, Jonathan, in your prayers as he still searches for answers about his headaches.  And, we will have a moment for “all the pregnant moms to please stand up!!!”  We may be in for a surprise—I think the current count of pregnancies is eight!  Be careful what you drink!  For the record, no water will be served Monday night.  See you there!

Fundraiser a Success by Karen Cox

Both of our fundraisers were a great success. First the Baby quilt raffle raised $560.00. As a reminder and thank you, Virginia Fenner and Paulette Fenoglio made the quilt for the MOPS organization to raffle. The winner was Sue Winch of Oklahoma. The person that sold the most tickets and the group that sold the most will be recognized and awarded at the December meeting.

Secondly, the bake sale was lot of fun and a nice evening to spend together as MOPS. It was also a wonderful way to publicize our organization. The bake sale raised $235.

We should all be thinking about other fundraisers that we might like to do in the future. If anyone has suggestions, be sure to let us all know at the meeting.

MVC-188F.JPG (55114 bytes)

Mentor Mom Marsha - Marsha - Marsha

MVC-189F.JPG (57351 bytes)

December speaker Dottie McBride

MVC-192F.JPG (60449 bytes)

We all listen intently

MVC-195F.JPG (51500 bytes)

Mentor Mon Lisa shows off her ornament....with feet!

MVC-197F.JPG (61860 bytes)

Darci and Stacia Haney our Area MOPS Representative

MVC-203F.JPG (53072 bytes)

Kasie, Stacie and Heather show off their ornaments!

MVC-199F.JPG (53812 bytes)

Julie loves her ornament!

MVC-196F.JPG (56782 bytes)

Kelly got a frame ornament

MVC-191F.JPG (61486 bytes)

Linda, Stacie and Kasie listen to the speaker.


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