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Coordinator Corner for April 2004

by Darci Woodyard


Well, just when we thought we could get out our spring wardrobes and begin shopping for the latest trends, the cold front blew in!  Many of us, including our children, are having a hard time adjusting to the weather changes, mentally and physically.  Not to mention all the end-of-the-year things going in with your school-aged children, your church, your job, or just good ol’ spring cleaning!  Right now is a busy time for all of us.  Just when we think we can stop and enjoy the beautiful flowers blooming around us, another responsibility hits us!  Let me encourage you to use what you learned at our last MOPS meeting—take a few moments alone and breathe in and out.  Take a walk to clear your head, say a prayer to our heavenly Father to relieve some of your stressors.  And, if something doesn’t get done, learn to say, “It’s okay--I will try harder tomorrow” and do the best you can today!

So many families are multiplying this spring!  Terrie has a sweet little boy, Coen; Sherry has a beautiful baby girl, Karlee.  At the time of this writing, Julie is expecting Brodie any minute; Windi is having a bundle of joy on the 15th; Stacie will give birth on the 21st.  Can you keepup?  May the Lord truly bless all of these families with these precious children. Sherol Ramsey has endured two tough surgeries back to back, so please remember her in your prayers as well.  Thank you to all who have signed up to provide meals for these families during their recuperation time. 

Don’t forget to let these moms know you care by sending a card or making a quick phone call to check on them.  We know well that when mom’s down, everyone suffers!
We look forward to our next couple of events.  First of all, at next Monday’s meeting, Todd Peterson will be coaching us on how to take better snapshots at home and how to crop better.  This will be great as we approach the end of this challenging, but rewarding MOPS year, we look to add some volunteers to our MOPS team.  Several of you have been instrumental in some way to the success of Nocona MOPS, whether providing a baked good at the fish fry, wrapping presents, creating a meal, or sending a card--YOU have made MOPS what it is. We are looking for anyone who is willing to help in any way, not just as steering or discussion group leaders, but to serve as part of a team, who are willing to help out on a special project, or can help out in a crunch.

Monday night, each current steering member will discuss her position and flyers for each position/team will be available to take home and look over.  It will be a great opportunity to ask questions and find out more.  (Note:  Per MOPS, Int’l. guideline, a steering team leader must be a baptized believer.  It is not required to be a team member.) Have a blessed week--see you Monday!




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