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New Year’s Resolutions?

by Catherine Woodbury

When asked if I set New Year’s Resolutions, I say, “No.”  The reason for this is that I feel I am only setting myself up to fail.  The pounds I failed to lose, the house I didn’t keep cleaned, the meal that never got cooked, etc.  However, a new year does bring to me feelings of new beginnings, bright days ahead, and cheerful outlooks.  So I want to propose some ideas that will help you have not a sense of failure, but a new lease on life.

I have discovered how important hobbies are to my life.  I began with scrapbooking last year as I finished Charlie’s first year baby book.  It was a labor of love much like his birth!!  But I thoroughly enjoyed it and it allowed me some time for myself.  Next, I am planning a book for my grandfather, whom we are sure has Alzheimer’s.  Pictures of his family would be so helpful in sparking memories for him.  And of course, with baby on the way, I will be starting another baby book soon.

This year I am also adding sewing to my hobbies.  My dear husband got me a sewing machine for Christmas and I am learning slowly.  My first project (besides Charlie’s rooster for Halloween last year) will be curtains for my home.  You can find wonderful sales on fabrics and patterns and make them for much less than you can buy them.  I also plan on making table runners, clothes for me and for Charlie and a diaper bag for the new baby.  And if we have a girl, I’ll work on her nursery!!

New year, new hobbies.  Now, I quickly figured out that in order to satisfy my craving for hobbies, I needed room to work.  Our house is not big enough for a ‘craft room,’ so I have to improvise.  This called for organization.  This is not a resolution, mind you, but rather a new way of life for me.  I am determined to get my home organized!  And to that end I have come across a website that you must check out! This is an amazing tool for getting your home organized.  I especially love the “Household Notebook” and “Declutter 101” sections.  In addition to these this site gives helpful tips on cleaning and stocking every room in your home.  These are practical tips you can really use!! 

So whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, take time for yourself.  Even if it’s only a few minutes after your darlings have gone to bed.  This is so important in keeping us moms sane!  We moms are very busy taking care of our little ones and often forget about ourselves.  We need to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of our babes.  After all, the better we feel about ourselves, the better moms we can be!!    


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